Vision, Values & Ethos

Our Vision
We pride ourselves on our community feel and fantastic provision for all children. 

At Blackwater School everything is possible. We are a small school with huge aspirations.

Our vision is to embed a strong sense of self in all children, celebrating their individuality. We expect our children to see that they have a role and a responsibility in the world; Locally, Globally and Environmentally. Together we will continually strive to remove the barriers to success and fear of failure.

 Above all, we will endeavour to foster a love of learning and high aspirations.
 Our children will always go above and beyond in all they do.
 Team Blackwater believes in making every second count.
Our School Values
At Blackwater School, we value  kindness over everything. The children are taught kindness on every level. 
'Walk the walk, talk the talk.' 
Young children learn social skills by watching, processing, and emulating the actions of those around them. If a child does not have a kind role model, it may be difficult to teach them kindness in other ways. Children need to witness kind and charitable behaviour from the adults in their lives that they love and respect. 
'Our High Fives' We use the high five to support the children in understanding our high expectations for learning and socialisng. We use these throughout the day and also ask the parents to use these at home.
Our children are amazing at talking and breathing these expectations.