SEN Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the school assess the progress of pupils and what would they do if my child was falling behind?

Pupil progress is regularly assessed by the teachers through observation, marking, conferencing and assessments. Final assessment by testing occurs at the end of the academic year. Pupil profile meetings are held in October, February and July between the teacher, the assessment co-ordinator and the Headteacher, where every child’s progress and attainment is reviewed. Pupils who are identified as not making sufficient progress will have an intervention programme created; tailored to meet their specific needs.

2. How accessible is the school environment?

The school is easily accessible for children with a disability. Ramps have been installed to provide access to all areas. The car park has one space designated for disabled badge holders. Further information is provided in our schools accessibility report, which is on our website.

3. Who is the person responsible for children with SEN?

Every teacher has the responsibility for children with SEN in their class. The SEN co-ordinator, Mrs Evey Evison, is the person responsible in ensuring this support meets the needs of the children and provides support and advice to teachers and parents where required. The SEN Governor liaises with the SEN co-ordinator and monitors the work of the school regarding SEN provision and reports to the full governing body.

5. How do I contact the person responsible for SEN or arrange to meet them?

The SEN co-ordinator can be contacted by telephone or by Email. See the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the home page of the school’s website. Alternatively, visit the school and leave a message with the school’s receptionist. A link is provided on the school website.

6. What training or specialist expertise does your staff have around SEN?

School staff have been trained to provide a variety of specialist support. Where a training need is identified and the expertise is not present, the school is committed to ensuring that training gap is addressed. The SENco is currently undertaking the National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordination Post Graduate Certificate at Plymouth University. 

7. What support can the school provide for children with SEN?

The school will provide a variety of support for children with SEN. This may include 1 to 1 intervention and group work. The school will also access external agencies when appropriate to enhance provision.

8. What further external support can the school access and when would this happen?

The school has access to several external agencies that can provide additional support. Where a need has been identified by the parents and/or by the school, the SEN co-ordinator will seek advice and support from the appropriate agency in order to meet the needs of the child.

9. Who can I contact to provide additional advice and support for my family?

Additional advice may be obtained from the Family Information Service - a link is provided on the school website.

10. How are parents/carers and children with SEN supported to share their views and concerns and work alongside the school?

The school has a variety of ways to allow parents/carers and to share their views and concerns. Teachers endeavour to be available at the end of the school day, if parents/carers wish to discuss their child. Alternately, a Home-School link book can be provided. Children with a Support Plan in place will be invited into school twice a year to discuss their child (with an additional written update in the spring term). In addition, the school holds parent information evenings/consultations 2 times a year.

11. If I am not happy with the provision at the school, how can I share my concerns or make a complaint?

If you are not happy with the SEN provision at the school, please contact the class teacher or SEN co-ordinator, to share your concerns.

If you wish to make a complaint about the school, please direct your grievance to the school’s chair of governors. A complaint form is available from the school office.

12. Where can I find information about the Local Authority’s Local Offer for children with SEN and their family?

Information about the Local Authority’s Local Offer can be found on the Cornwall Council website, please click here.