Mrs Evey Evison


Mrs. Evison is the Headteacher and SENCo.
She is the champion of Sport, Art and Mathematics.
When she is not with the children, she spends a lot of time with Ziggy, the school therapy dog.
Mrs. Evison is a gig rower and spends many an hour on or in the water.

Mr Marc Hurrell

Wheal Luna Class Teacher

Mr Hurrell is the Deputy Headteacher and full time class teacher in Year 5/6.
He is the champion of the Curriculum and is in charge of all things to do with teaching and learning of the wider curriculum.
Mr. Hurrell often pulls out his guitar to create more musical learning.

Ms Sophie Kelly

Wheal Harmony Class Teacher

Ms. Kelly is our Wheal Harmony class teacher.
She is our champion of all things science and loves to encourage our children to explore and discover all things science related. When Ms. Kelly is not at school, she is exploring Cornwall and further afield with her dog Cookie and loves nothing more than getting outside!

Mrs Kerry Richards

School Secretary

Kerry is our School Secretary with super powers.
She is a whizz organiser and is the central cog in Team Blackwater.
Whilst she is not organising, she is looking after the school chickens (Lloyd and Hey Hey), bringing them in tasty treats from home.

Mrs Lisa Sprinkles

Nursery Lead

Mrs. Sprinkles is our Nursery lead in Wheal Friendly.
She brightens our day with her sunshine and rainbows.
When she is not with the children, she loves crafting and cold water swimming.

Mrs Lisa Russell

Wheal Busy Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Russell is our Teaching Assistant in Wheal Busy in the morning. She is an expert at early reading and making sure children succeed with their learning.
When she is not in the classroom helping children, Mrs. Russell is always helping her family as well as making the most delicious cakes ever!

Mrs Kate Passmore

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Passmore supports the children in Wheal Friendly, especially the Nursery children.
She is an expert in helping the children with their speech and language.
When she isn't reading story books, she is a swimming instructor and loves the outdoors.

Ms Sioned Young

Wheal Friendly Teaching Assistant

Ms Young is one of our wonderful Wheal Friendly Teaching Assistants who is passionate about play and the outdoors.
When she is not creating amazing play based learning for our Reception children, she is a keen gardener and loves long walks on the coastal paths.

Mrs Hazel Brady

Wheal Friendly Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Brady is one of our brilliant Teaching Assistants in Wheal Friendly but also helps other children around the school too. She loves supporting our library and making sure that children get the right book out for their age.
When Mrs. Brady is not in school, she is with her beloved adopted greyhound dog either walking or giving it cuddles.

Mrs Claire Pay

Wild Time Lead

Mrs. Pay is the Wild Time Lead for our school. She teaches the children two afternoons a week our Wild Time skills and knowledge. Mrs. Pay has created a magical and special place in the wild area that children can explore and be creative.
When she is not in the wild area, Mrs. Pay is stomping the coastal paths or being with her twin boys.

Mrs Bev Gilbert

Wheal Luna Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Gilbert is the Teaching Assistant in Wheal Luna in the mornings.
Her superpower is kindness and patience.
When Mrs. Gilbert is not helping and supporting children, she is busy helping and supporting adults (and Ziggy!)

Mrs Jane Wilkins

Wheal Harmony Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Wilkins is the Teaching Assistant in Wheal Harmony as well as being a phonics queen.
She is our first aid lead so make sure everyone is safe in school.
Mrs. Wilkins is our Fire Warden so always knows where the fire exits are!

Mrs Fran Parker

KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Parker is one of our Teaching Assistants in Wheal Busy and Luna classes. She is also is the Breakfast Club lead (hence the toaster!) who makes delicious breakfast in the mornings.
When she is not with the children, or making toast, Mrs. Parker loves the busy life of Truro and visiting her family.

Mrs Lorna Burton

Wheal Busy Class Teacher

Mrs. Burton is the champion of all things English. She has a passion for teaching reading and writing, which she makes sure is consistent with high expectations across the school.
She is also the champion of music and PSHE.
Mrs. Burton always starts the day with a herbal tea to maintain her zen!

Mrs Kelly Murley

Wheal Friendly Class Teacher

Mrs. Murley is the leader of the Early Years Foundation Stage with children in Reception and Nursery.
She is also the champion of Early Reading, Religious Education and Languages.
Mrs. Murley loves to bring the outside in, with lots of plants, palms and greenery in the classroom. She has a real passion for teaching phonics and loves seeing the children progress into readers!

Ms Vicci Vaughan

Wheal Luna Teaching Assistant

Ms Vaughan is part of our Senior Leadership Team because she is amazing.
Whilst she is not in the class, she is our lead for SEMH and is a Thrive Practioner. Blackwater School has a Rainbow Room, which Ms. Vaughan leads to support children who need a bit more nurture.
Ms. Vaughan is also one of our HLTAs and has a huge love of cheese (all types).

Mrs Jo Blake

Wheal Harmony Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Blake is our Teaching Assistant in Wheal Harmony.
She is also our Autism Champion and supports the children through their primary years.
When Mrs. Blake isn't in school, she is watering her many house plants or tending to her animals.

Mrs Emma Patel

Wheal Busy Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Patel is the Teaching Assistant in Wheal Busy as well as the Reading Champion for the school and make sure the library is up to date and spick and span.
She is an expert at helping the children with their speech and language and also is the dyslexia champion for the school.
When she doesn't have her head in a book, she loves being outdoors walking, swimming and biking.

Mrs Jemma Miller

Wheal Luna Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Miller is one of our teaching assistants in Wheal Luna. She works with children who needs a bit more support in the classroom as well as being one of our Thrive SEMH support team.
When Mrs. Miller is not at school, she loves being with her children down the beach, especially in the sea!

Mrs Jess Keen

Wheal Friendly Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Keen is the Teaching Assistant in Wheal Friendly who works with the Reception children.
She is an expert crafter as well as a phonics whizz!
When Mrs. Keen is not at school, she is busy with her family exploring Cornwall.

Mrs K

Wheal Busy Teaching Assistant

Mrs. K is our Teaching Assistant in Wheal Busy class in the afternoons.
She is an expert at supporting the children with their worries as well as being super organised!
When she is not having fun with the children, she loves to walk and run the coastal path.

Mrs Claire Belsito

After School Club Lead

Mrs. Belsito is our After School Club Busy Bee's Lead making this club exciting and fun at all times.
She also is our fantastic supply teacher when the teachers are on courses.
When Mrs. Belsito is not at Blackwater, she works as a librarian at St Agnes Library spreading the love of books wherever she goes.

Mr Garry Jones

School Caretaker

Garry is our caretaker here at Blackwater School.
He makes sure the school is spick and span for the children and adults to enjoy!

Mrs Carly

Blackwater Chef

Carly is our wonderful chef here at Blackwater School.
She has such high expectations to make sure the food is always tip top and tasting delicious.
Carly knows all the children's names and consistently has a sunshine smile for everyone.