Dyslexia support

Supporting Children with Dyslexia at Blackwater School
At Blackwater School, we support all children with their learning at all times. We recognise that children learn in different ways and need adaptations to be able to access it successfully. 
We are very good at doing this and are constantly improving our practice to meet the needs of the individual children. 
Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Evison are the Dyslexia Champions.
We are proud to have the Dyslexia Friendly Schools Mark. 
In November, we presented to parents a guide to dyslexia and how to support them at home and how we support them in school. Here is the presentation: 
Here are some useful resources to help your child at home: 
Below is a short film about how we should see dyslexia differently: 
These top tips fact sheets are fantastic to support parents understand how to help their child at home. 
Have a look at this dyslexia friendly book guide to support your child to love reading