The School Day

Our daily routine starts at 8.45am, when children and parents are welcomed into the classrooms for the start of the day.  Children can arrive at any time between 8.45am and 9.00am, but will marked as late if they arrive after this time. If you require an early start time, we do have a breakfast club that runs from 8.00am, there is a charge for this and further details can be found on our breakfast club page or from our secretary. 
We register the children at 9am and begin our learning with English, phonics and literacy based activities. We have dedicated reading time and encourage a love of reading throughout our school.
Children have a break time at 10.45am until 11.00am, however in Class 1 this break-time is child initiated and flexible so timings are not strictly followed. Children may bring a healthy snack like fruit and we encourage low sugar options. We have a tuck facility, run by our pupils, where we have a range of healthy snacks that can be purchased for a small charge.
After break our learning centers on the maths and numeracy areas of the curriculum until lunchtime.
Lunchtime is between 12.15pm and 1.15pm and after eating children have outdoor play - even in inclement weather -  and use our extensive outdoor areas. Children may bring a packed lunch or have a school dinner ordered from our kitchen in advance. Please see our school meals page or secretary for further information.
During the afternoon classes explore their topic learning including art, history, geography, science, computing and PE. These parts of our curriculum are incredibly important for our children. Emphasis is on building learning and skills for life, including social and emotional understanding.
The end of the day is at 3.15pm. Our school gate is opened and parents can wait in the playground as each class is brought out. There are extra curricular clubs that run from 3.15pm until 4.15pm - further details on these can be obtained from our secretary.