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Happy New Term from FOBS!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Christmas Fayre last term. Feedback from the children was that they had fun and feedback from the parents was that they left with empty wallets! As a result you all raised an amazing £885. Well done!

We now need your support to plan ways in which this can be given back to the children and ideas for further money raisers. Everyone is welcome to pop by to a meeting or chat to any Fobs people at any time. We will meet next Wednesday 24th January after school so please join us.

We are happy to announce that we will relieve you of any unwanted Christmas gifts. Please bring them in and leave on the table in reception. We plan to re-gift them as Secret Santa goodies next year (children shop for a present for a loved one) or put to other good use. Hopefully you won’t get your own gift back again.

Helpful comments and suggestions always welcome. Thanks FOBS
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