Wheal Friendly

Wheal Friendly  is home to the children in our nursery and foundation stage. Friendly is staffed by the teacher - Mrs Kelly Murley, who are supported by teaching assistants  Mrs Louise Ashby, Mrs. Pay and Mrs. Ward

In Wheal Friendly we love learning through play. Our half termly topics are based on the children’s interests and we fully immerse the children in learning through this using stories, roleplay, trips, having visitors, art activities and many more. Our planning and assessment is linked to the EYFS curriculum and we monitor the children through observations all of which are shared with the parents using an online learning journey.

At Blackwater School we know about the benefits of outdoor learning and how important it is for a child’s development, which is why in Wheal Friendly we have a fantastic learning garden which has an door straight off the classroom. This means that the children have the choice to practice their learning indoors or outdoors during the school day.

Wheal Friendly is a mix of pre-school and reception age children. We have experienced staff who have high expectations and can give the individual care and attention needed to a variety of needs. If the pre-school children do continue onto Blackwater School our transitions are seamless with little or no stress involved. To enquire about nursery places please contact the school office.

We do daily phonics and maths sessions which are designed to be multi-sensory and tailored to the needs of the children. The sounds and numbers we are learning are always shared with the parents so can be reinforced at home if needed. We work hard to build good relationships with parents and we are happy to support the whole family at this crucial time of development.