Covid - Remote Learning

Remote Learning
Remote learning is available for when individual children are in isolation due to awaiting a Covid test, or have Covid with minimal symptoms, or when a whole class are in isolation due to their being an outbreak in school and we are asked to close by Public Health. 
None of these situations are ideal, as the best place for children to learn and to have access to the National Curriculum is in school. Although children learn many things at home, no one is expecting parents/carers to take on the teaching role as it would be done in the classroom, especially when juggling their own family circumstances. 
No family must feel any pressure during these periods away from school as all family circumstances differ tremendously, however we have a responsibility  to provide learning opportunities for the children. 
All we ask, in order for us to work together, is to have open conversations about support and their learning. 
If your child is off school because they are poorly . . . they must rest!  
Remote Learning at Blackwater School
We are providing your child with educational resources, to ensure that they can continue to access learning. We will provide this in these three main ways:
1) Weekly remote learning overview for children to follow at home. This will have details of where your child can access learning from different websites. 
2) Peer and teacher communication through Class Dojo / Tapestry APP. Children will be able to upload photos of their work for staff to feedback. 
3) Home Learning Pack - your child will be provided with their own home learning pack, containing selected stage, age and subject related materials for your child to work through at home. This will mainly be to support their fluency in reading, maths and writing, along with SEMH activities. 
Blackwater Steps to Success 

Our ambition is to clarify the four tasks that pupils should, as a minimum, carry out every day. These tasks should become habits of learning for every pupil at Blackwater.

The impact of this will be that pupils develop a sense of routine; the habit of practising and become agile in core skills. To make them accessible for all, most of these require online access and basic resources.

Do each of these daily tasks at least once every day. Teachers will monitor how often pupils login to the online tools and will be available via Class Dojo to offer advice, encouragement and feedback between the hours of 9am-3pm. 


1. Spelling Shed: - to improve spelling fluency

2. Times Tables Rockstars: or Numbots    - to improve number and times tables fluency

3. Reading at home to an adult - to improve fluency of reading

4. Listening to an adult reading - to instil that love of reading

Physical Education 
Keeping active is so important to us at Blackwater. Please use the links below to support the children's physical health. 
  • REAL P.E - A wonderful website that we sign up to. This gives you a daily activity that you can do with your child.   WEBSITE: :       USERNAME:     PASSWORD: blackwater
  • GO NOODLE - Movement and mindfulness website. Great silly little dances, I particularly like Banana Banana Meatball!
Here are a list of songs that we sing in assembly. We thought this might chirp up the children at home!