Wheal Busy

What a lot of great hedgehog learning this week Busy bees. Your hedgehog information books are excellent, with such high quality writing and illustrations. How exciting as well that some of you have managed to find evidence of hedgehogs in your gardens. Have a look at the pictures below from a pupil in our class showing hedgehog footprints from her garden.   
Home learning
There are just three more days of learning remaining until the Summer holidays start. We are staying on the theme of hedgehogs so have another look at the hedgehog activity poster below for any tasks you haven't yet completed. My overview for the next three days is also below, with suggestions of which activities you might like to try. .  
In addition to this, I have also planned reading, writing and maths tasks for you as usual. Please see my overview below for more details. I expect you to be doing at least an hour of learning every day and this must include reading, spelling, handwriting and maths. It is also important to share your learning with me on Seesaw so that I can see you are doing some learning every day.   
As usual, I will post a video to Seesaw every morning to explain the day's learning. The paper resources you need will be outside the school gates from 10a.m. on Monday,  
Enjoy this learning and remember to keep up with your physical activity, gardening, baking, bike riding, art etc and getting outside for fun times with your families. You can contact me via email or Seesaw at any time. 
Reading links: 
Last week you did a lot of reading for research about hedgehogs; this week I'd like you to simply read for pleasure. I've suggested that you might do some wild reading and den reading as well as reading to a relative. Have fun and please send me photos of you reading.  
Have you joined the Summer reading challenge yet? If not, join up at www.summerreadingchallenge.org.uk.
Please read everyday for at least 20 minutes. If you are running out of texts for your reading for pleasure remember that you could use the Borrow Box app which allows you to borrow books digitally from local libraries. If you can't find anything to read for pleasure get in contact with me via email or Seesaw.
Reading Theory
Writing links: 
Well done for your amazing writing last week, I loved reading your hedgehog factfiles. This week we are ending the year with some lovely poetry writing. I'll explain the poems to you every morning on Seesaw. The outline you need for your shape poem is attached below as well as information you will need for your 'help the hedgehogs' poster. I can't wait to see what you come up with.        
I'd like you to continue to work on your touch typing skills this week using BBC Dance Mat typing. I know lots of you are really enjoying doing this. Each day start at the level you have reached and you will soon find your typing speed increasing.  
I have set you new spellings on Spelling Shed; we are now into the revision lists and will be revisiting some of the tricky spelling patterns from earlier on in the year; remember to use a dictionary to find the meanings of the words. Your look, cover, say, write, check and activity sheets are in the documents below, they'll also be in your learning packs. 
Spelling Shed
  • Spelling shed is a platform for children to learn how to spell through challenge and repetition. All children should have a password (Year 1-6) https://play.edshed.com/
Mathematics Links: 
Well done to those of you who have completed all the White Rose maths lessons; I am so impressed with your fantastic effort and learning. This week I have planned some fun games and problem solving activities from Nrich. The activities are below and also in your learning packs. You'll need to use your thinking skills to come up with strategies for these games, have fun!  
If you would like some extra maths, as well as the White Rose, I recommend the Maths Factor and Guardians of Mathematica. I think you will enjoy consolidating your previous learning with these fun games. 
For those of you who would like more of a challenge in Maths, you might like to try Gareth Metcalfe's I see maths or the nrich website, which gives open ended problems linked to National Curriculum maths objectives.
TT Rockstars
Please spend 10 minutes a day practising your times tables. Year 3 need to know the 3, 4 and 8 times tables including division facts by the end of the school year and year 4 need to know all times tables up to 12, including division facts. 
Project links
This week the focus will again be on hedgehogs. See the poster for how to complete the different activities. I have planned for you to create some hedgehog big art, I'll explain this in more detail on Seesaw. I've also suggested that you might try making a hedgehog house, see the instructions below.    
Excitingly, we have already raised enough money to buy our bell tent. I am so excited about using this for more outdoor learning next year. You can keep going with your sponsored wildlife spotting as any money now raised will go towards a hedgehog charity.  
Please remember to make time to play and have fun with your families too. I love to see all the art, baking, gardening, sport and nature activities you get up to. 
Also remember to send me photos and videos on Seesaw. Have a great week!
Home learning Packs
Please find below a home learning back for Year 3 and 4. Feel free to have a go and pick and choose where suitable. Thank you