Wheal Busy

Welcome back Busy Bees! I hope you have had a really wonderful half term with your families, I really look forward to hearing what you've been up to. The highlight of my week has been the addition of two beautiful bunny rabbits to the Burton household. Their names are Thumper and Kipe (pronounced Kip-ay) My children and I have spent lots of time settling the bunnies into their new home and playing with them.   
Here is a picture of them getting settled in:     
Home learning
We are starting an exciting new project this week. The project name is 'Potions' and we have lots of fascintaing learning coming up, all related to the properties of materials. You can find out lots more about what we'll be learning in this topic by exploring the resources below. We'll start on Monday by reading the knowledge organiser to get us used to the information covered in the next few weeks. In the meantime have a look at the links below, these include home learning ideas and key vocabulary related to the topic of potions.  
Your overview of this week's learning is also below so you can have a look at where our learning will take us this week. Just as before, I have set reading, spelling, writing and topic tasks for each day and we'll continue with following the White Rose home learning lessons. The paper resources you need will be available outside school from Monday. 
As usual, I will post a video to Seesaw every morning to explain the day's learning. There will be a few changes this week as I will be teaching in school, therefore you will have other staff from the school checking and commenting on your learning. They are all excited to see your posts as I have been saying how wonderful you are!  Also, I won't be reading your evening story. I promise that I will still keep track of all your wonderful learning and look forward to seeing you throw all of your enthusiasm into this new topic. 
Enjoy this learning and remember to keep up with your physical activity, gardening, baking, bike riding, art etc and getting outside for fun times with your families. You can contact me via email or Seesaw at any time. 
Reading links: 
Please read everyday for at least 20 minutes. If you are running out of texts for your reading for pleasure remember that you could use the Borrow Box app which allows you to borrow books digitally from local libraries. If you can't find anything to read for pleasure get in contact with me via email or Seesaw. 
This week's reading tasks involve reading the labels of everyday household items, particularly looking at the safety advice, so keep a look out for labels on washing up liquid, detergent, shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste and cleaning products. 
For Wednesday's reading task you'll need the document below. 
Reading Theory
Writing links: 
This week's writing tasks are all linked to our new project 'Potions'. I'll explain and model your writing daily on Seesaw. We are going to be writing labels for our own potion bottles. We'll also be launching our topic with lots of vocabulary gathering, you might like to use the word mat and glossary below. 
I will also set a handwriting and spelling task for you each day. In handwriting we'll be mopping up the letter formation of the last few letters and ensuring that our writing is a consistent size. I have set you new spellings on Spelling Shed; year 4 you are learning to spell words in the sol and real word families and year 3 you are spelling words with the gue and que letter strings. Your look, cover, say, write, check and activity sheets are in the documents below, they'll also be in your learning packs. 
Spelling Shed
  • Spelling shed is a platform for children to learn how to spell through challenge and repetition. All children should have a password (Year 1-6) https://play.edshed.com/
Mathematics Links: 
This week I'd like you to continue your maths learning using the White Rose videos and activities. You will be continuing to build your knowledge and understanding of fractions and decimals this week. Also keep going with at least ten minutes daily times tables practice; knowing your times tables well will really help you understand finding fractions of amounts.  
The White Rose videos explain the learning and then the activities give you a chance to practise what you've learned. If you are finding a new concept tricky, and the videos aren't helping, contact me via email or on Seesaw.  
Follow these links to find your daily White Rose maths video and activities:
If you would like some extra maths, as well as the White Rose, I recommend the Maths Factor and Guardians of Mathematica. I think you will enjoy consolidating your previous learning with these fun games. 
For those of you who would like more of a challenge in Maths, you might like to try Gareth Metcalfe's I see maths or the nrich website, which gives open ended problems linked to National Curriculum maths objectives.
TT Rockstars
Please spend 10 minutes a day practising your times tables. Year 3 need to know the 3, 4 and 8 times tables including division facts by the end of the school year and year 4 need to know all times tables up to 12, including division facts. 
Project links
Potions is a project with a Science focus. This week we are going to look at potion bottles and household packaging. You will be creating a cover page for your topic book so have a look at the images of bottles in the document below as well as the glossary and word mat above to help you with this. 
We'll also be sorting solids, liquids and gases and investigating how fast different liquids travel and learning to read temperature from a thermometer. I'll give you more detail on Seesaw about this learning. 
Home learning Packs
Please find below a home learning back for Year 3 and 4. Feel free to have a go and pick and choose where suitable. Thank you