School Updates

Like you, we have been watching the news coverage and also receiving updates from the Government. 
As you know the Government are meeting daily to make sure they are making the right decisions about how to keep people safe. So it remains business as usual at our school. With the increased vigilance around thorough and  regular handwashing and adherence to 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it.' covering coughs and sneezes with tissues. 
We also note that directive from the Press Conference this week around self isolation. All staff at Blackwater have been briefed about how and when to self-isolate. We ask you to exercise the same caution with your children around flu-like symptoms - a fever above 37.8 degrees or a persistent cough. If you are worried your symptoms or those of a child the new guidance is to use the contact form on the website - do not go directly to your GP or other health care providers. 
We also urge that all children who are well attend school as normal. 
Thank you for your ongoing support in these worrying and unprecedented times. 
Please use our Class Pages section for further information regarding home learning if your child is in isolation. 
Please e-mail Mrs. Evison directly if you have any questions or concerns.