Whole School

Physical Education 
Keeping active is so important to us at Blackwater. Please use the links below to support the children's physical health. 
  • REAL P.E - A wonderful website that we sign up to. This gives you a daily activity that you can do with your child.   WEBSITE: : https://home.jasmineactive.com/       USERNAME: parent@blackwater-1.com     PASSWORD: blackwater
  • GO NOODLE - Movement and mindfulness website. Great silly little dances, I particularly like Banana Banana Meatball! https://www.gonoodle.com/
Rainbow Room/Mindfulness activities from 13th July

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. "                       Dr. Seuss

 We are providing MINDFULNESS packs that have activities, exercises etc for anyone that feels it might help their child/children.
If you already ask for work packs to be printed, it will be with those in the boxes
outside school. If not we can email it to you.
To request a pack please email head@blackwater.cornwall.sch.uk or vicci.vaughan@blackwater.cornwall.sch.uk 
 This week's packs are covering ALL ABOUT ME.
Giving compliments to friends, family and classmates can be easy,  but we don't often acknowledge our own talents/gifts. Having the confidence to be proud of yourself is not easy to come by.
The packs have some activities that might help you as parents, to guide your children into knowing it's okay to feel special and to love the person you are. We are all individuals and don't have to be "just like my friend"
Here is an activity for you to try this week. Let me know how it goes on Seesaw.
Stay safe, from Miss V x


  try the Mindfulness packs out!!!


Here are a list of songs that we sing in assembly. We thought this might chirp up the children at home! 
Forest School Activities 
Borrow Box
With 'Borrow Box' you can borrow library books directly to your device without even leaving home. You just need to set up an account with your local library via the Cornwall council website then log onto borrow box to borrow books, including audio books. A fantastic and free way to get even the latest books or the next in a series you're hooked on. 
Real heroes read books
Find local events and resources to boost children's interest in reading at home. 

We follow Read Write Inc in Reception and then move onto Optima in Year 1 and 2. IF you would like to support your child with their phonics over the coming months, we are suggesting the following:

In summary, if you would like to continue with phonics learning at your children’s pace, have a go at this:

  1. Go through the green and red words (children reading them, not writing)
  2. Watch the small video daily
  3. Practice your child’s reading (make sure they enjoy it!)

Please keep your eye on our website for word mats and more resources. You can always find practice RWI lesson videos online if you wanted more of an understanding.

Corona Time Capsule
A handful of families have started creating a Corona Time Capsule. Here is a couple of resources for you to use if you would like.