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 Maths Mastery at Blackwater



Wednesday 24th January - Maths Fly Day

Parents to be invited into school during their child's slot with NRICH

Hall to be used for all NRICH activities.

9-9.30 am - Reception/Year 1

9.35 - 10.15 am Year 2

10.20 - 10.45 Nursery


11-11.50 am  - Year 3/4 

1.15 - 2.15 pm - Year 5/6

2.15 - 2.45 pm - Year 6

2.45 - 3.15pm - Assembly - celebration of learning.


At Blackwater Primary School, we believe everyone can achieve in maths.

We encourage a positive attitude in our children where mistakes are seen as opportunities for learning, encouraging them in the belief that by being resilient they can succeed. At Blackwater, we wish to dispel the misconception that people are born with or without a gift for maths and that with aspiration; the sky is the limit for all.

We wish to enable our children to achieve mastery in mathematics by providing learning opportunities to develop:

* fluency in understanding and manipulation of number and calculation methods.

* the ability to reason mathematically

* the ability to problem solve in maths and across the curriculum.

We aim to provide challenging and nurturing learning environment where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for new neurological pathways to be formed. We set high expectations and levels of challenge but plan and deliver learning opportunities that are accessible for all. We create interesting contexts where children can apply their maths learning across the curriculum.

We create a growth mindset maths culture at Blackwater by:

* instilling a ‘can do’ attitude in all of our children

* celebrating achievement in maths in monthly assemblies

* sharing our enthusiasm for mathematics

* using concrete materials throughout the school to build understanding before moving on to visual and abstract representation of the maths.

* providing opportunities for meaningful practice involving variety and challenge to develop fluency

* encouraging reasoning through emphasis on the ‘how’ and ‘why’.

* providing accessible yet challenging problem solving activities to enable children to make connections between different areas of mathematics and the wider curriculum.

* providing timely interventions and pre-teaching to enable pupils to access mathematics.

When our children see their achievements, we see them learning to love maths. We enjoy seeing our children inspired by maths in the wider world and engaging with it.

Weekly Countdown Challenges

Each week in school we have two count down challenges.  They are displayed in the entrance hall of the school along with information about our approach to maths at Blackwater.

Children should complete the challenges at home and return their responses to Ms Shuttleworth in Class 2 on Fridays.

Countdown Challenge

Can you make the total?  

Make the total displayed each week with the numbers provided.

You can use any operation you like. Be as creative as you like!

This week's total:  54

This week's numbers:  20  3. 2. 6. 5. 

2.  This is the answer.  What is the question?

We give you the answer and you have to make up possible questions.

e.g.   the answer is 10    

The question could be:  110 - 100.   0.1 x 100.  5 + 5.   1/10 of 100

50 - 40,   345. -  335. and so on........

This week's answer is 15

What is the question?

Winners with the most creative solutions or questions will be featured on the web site, newsletter and awarded a countdown prize at assembly on Mondays.