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Class 2






Happy New Year!  What a busy start to the year! The children have come back full of enthusiasm and gusto!  We have started our new topic of 'Queens' with storytelling about Demelza the evil queen.  It still amazes me how quickly children can memorise a story.  We've been learning it with actions and hope to perform it for another class soon. 

In science we have been learning about life-cycles and watched a chick develop inside its egg over 21 days on Monday.  If anyone has an incubator and fertile eggs please get in touch. 

In maths we are continuing with multiplication.  This week we revisited using arrays and multiplying using a number line.  Please check the calculation policy on the web site if you want more information about how we teach maths.  I'm hoping that by the end of the year we have lots of film clips of the children demonstrating their learning in maths  to give you a clearer picture.  Next week we start division.  Please practise counting on in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s at home. 

Our art work linked to the topic is beginning to look great.  We are working on a display this week and next.  The weather has been lovely the past few days so we have enjoyed getting out into that winter sunshine.  I hope it continues over the weekend.  Again, if you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Week 5th - 8th Dec








Class 2 have been practising the Christmas play every morning and it is coming together.  We have sent out letters for any children who need to provide costumes. If your child is not going to attend either performance could you please let me know so we can organise a 'stand in'.  

We have been talking about reading for enjoyment this week and I'd like children to bring in a book or books from home that they enjoy reading. We will be sharing and reading them in class.  Place make sure they are named.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication looking at arrays.  We continue to practise counting on in 2s, 10s, 5s and 3s so ask your child to show you the dance we use to help us.

The weather is looking very blustery for the weekend and many of the children are hopeful for snow.  Its making me feel quite homesick!  Enjoy your weekend.

6th - 10th Nov


































We are really looking forward to our science day tomorrow.  Lots of the children have been enthusing about the new Blue Planet series on BBC1 so we decided to focus on living things for our science morning.  I know how difficult it is to get time off work to attend school events during the day so I will try to take as many photos as I can to put on the class blog next week.  

The activities we are planning are as follows:

8.45 - 9.00  Play activities on carpet

9.00 - Register 

9.05 - 9.20 - Blue Planet II - the deep. 

Talk about the creatures we see, their body parts, habitat and adaptations that enable them to survive in such extreme conditions.


SCIENCE LO:  to identify the different parts of a fish's body 

Create a fantastical fish - the more colourful the better.  

Choice of collage materials.  The focus is on creativity with children 

describing the body parts and how they have made them.


SCIENCE LO - to understand what animals need in a habitat to survive 

Children to design a marine habitat .  They must features which will allow their sea creature

to take shelter from predators, find a safe place to lay their eggs and of course find food.


SCIENCE LO:  to carry out an investigation 

Children to investigate the effects of different materials on melting of ice. 

The children will make a hypothesis, draw what they did and decide on a conclusion. 


SCIENCE LO: to understand how animals adapt to suit their habitat 

Make a 3D creature to live in the frozen seas.  Using sponges, cotton wool balls, pom poms, cocktail sticks and beads the children will create a creature that has adapted to life in the frozen seas.  They will have to think about how the creature moves, catches its prey, eats and protects itself from predators. 

Each activity should take about 20 - 25 minutes - with 5 minutes to tidy up between times. 

Activty 1 -  9.30 - 10am 

Activity 2 - 10.05 - 10.30 

10.35 - 10.45  Story - Break time. 

11am -  Blue planet II 

Activity 3 - 11.15 - 11.40 - 

Activity 4 - 11.45 - 12.05

9th - 13th October















I cannot believe we are one week from half term.  It has gone so quickly.  The children have had a great week.  They have been learning about verbs and writing instructions for making hot chocolate.  We will all be making and sampling some this afternoon to celebrate our fantastic writing.  We are planning to have a fire and to drink the hot chocolate outside but I am not sure about the weather.  Photos will feature next week.

In maths we have begun our work on addition.  We have been learning number bonds songs with Jack Hartman.  (Check him out on Youtube)  He is good because he sings about the part and the whole which is our approach to teaching addition and subtraction in school.  Please practise recalling number bonds to 5, 10 and 20 at home.  We work on number fluency every day but practising a little and often at home really helps the children progress. 

We learned about the water cycle this week with the children creating collages in Year 1 and labelled diagrams in Year 2.  We used lego and scrap paper to create rain shelters.  Louis S made on out of scrap paper  that looked like a Roman temple!  Many of the children have already brought in their thunder and lightning homework which we are sharing today in class.  Thank you for your hard work at home!


Enjoy the weekend.

We've had a brilliant week learning about tornadoes.  We will get out display outside the classroom completed soon.

The children have been making tornadoes in plastic bottles and Morwenna brought in one from home using a milk frother which was amazing.  It looked just like the real thing!  We have been writing using conjunctions and and because this week and have been loving vocabulary work all based around tornadoes. 

The children have enjoyed 'mixing' investigations in science and were all able to make a hypothesis about what would happen when oil and water then oil, water and washing up liquid were mixed.  They are beginning to be able to describe how to make our tests 'fair'.

We are continuing to work on place value this week representing numbers in different ways.  They are able to describe numbers in tens and ones and to compare numbers using < > symbols.  We continue to count forwards and back in 1s and 10s to 100 so please keep this going at home.  Year 2s keep counting on in 10s from any number - 2, 12, 22, 32 etc as this will support the children's learning in addition and subtraction coming up.  Year 1s keep practising making teen numbers by starting from 10 and counting on 2 more.

How do we make 15?  One ten and five more....

It has been good catching up with many of you at 'meet the teacher' this week but if you haven't seen me please get in touch to arrange an alternative time after school.  Many thanks and have a lovely weekend.

25th - 29th Sept









Our learning this week has been focused on 'extreme weather'.  We've watched films and read about hurricanes.  We made hurricane collages, used sponging, painting and spatter painting to create 'tornadoes' and have written reports.  

In science the children helped to investigate the best dog poop bags.  We were amazed that the strongest bag could withstand a load of 7kg.  

Yesterday the year 2 children worked in pairs to create extreme weather collages.  Unprompted by me they began putting all their pieces of work together and created a massive poster.  It was brilliant watching their co-operation and team work.

I now have to find a space to display their work!

The first day of having us all change into our wet weather gear proved to be quite challenging.  Pippa and Flora, in year 2 are now our new 'dungaree' helpers.  On wet breaks we now finish our read, write inc, lessons 10 minutes early and each group gets changed with their read, write inc teacher.  This should make things more manageable and avoid the inevitable bottle neck.

The children were very good and have loved splashing around in puddles.  I wish I had taken some photographs of some very muddy faces.

We are looking forward to sports at Richard Lander today and hopefully the sun will shine.

18th - 22nd Sept










This week has flown by!  I can't believe it is Friday already.  We are making the most of this lovely autumnal weather and hope to have a fire pit this afternoon.  Mrs Morris has kindly run home to get some kindling! 

The children have been writing about the troll and the big billy goat gruff.  Their descriptive language is brilliant.  We the troll galloping like a demented meerkat, as colossal as an icy polar bear and roaring like a famished dragon.  What stars!

In maths we have been working on counting forwards and backwards from 0-10, 0-20 and 0-100.  Some of us have been learning about big numbers.  We found out a googol is 1 followed by 100 0s.


We are beginning our work on wild weather next week.  The children have obviously been watching the news and could tell me all about hurricanes in America.  We have a news app in class so I'm hoping to keep up with events in class next week.

We now have our wet weather gear but are struggling with storage.  Please make sure your child brings willies as the field is already becoming muddy in patches.  Thanks to all of you who have!  We are hoping to have a wellie store made by a very kind gentleman.  I'll let you know who, once he has agreed!

Enjoy the weekend and I hope the sun shines.


11th - 15th Sept

Billy Goats Gruff Story























The week has flown in and the children have been on great form, despite the high winds and blustery showers.

We have been learning the three Billy Goats Gruff story this week. Have a look at the text attached. Many of our
children have learned the whole story off by heart, with actions. Sunny in Year 1 has amazed me. He has learned
it almost verbatim. We continue to do daily letter formation and handwriting. Year 1 are reinforcing the correct letter formation and Year
2 are learning cursive letters which they will use to join their handwriting this year. It is very important that children are forming their
letters correctly. It makes writing easier and more fluent. If you are unsure how letter formation is taught in school and what you
should be doing with your child at home, please pop into the classroom and see me.

In Maths we are working on number and place value. This week we have looked at counting, number names, place value and sequence.
We encourage the children to show their understanding of number by asking them to show us numbers in lots of ways. They may
use concrete materials such as counters or numicon, do a drawing or write the number symbol or name. This 'variety' creates
lots more hooks and so deepens their understanding. Year 2 children have been doing lots of reasoning problems too. I've included a couple
of examples so you can see the sorts of activities they are doing in class.


12, 13, 40, 15, 16, 71, 81

Louis thinks he is counting on in 4s. Is he correct?

4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 54

The children's art work and writing about the troll in the story has been super this week. We've had trolls eating goats cheese pizzas
and one with runny wax coming out of his ear. Flora remembered 'titanic' as one of the exciting words we used last year instead of boring
'bad'. Great vocabulary all round!

The weather continues to be unpredictable. In Cornwall, like Scotland it seems to be if you want the weather to change, wait five minutes.
Could children please come to school with a waterproof coat every day. Our wet water gear is ordered but has still not arrived. Thank
you for the wellies provided so far. PE lessons are going well and the children are coping well with changing in and out of their uniforms.
Ensuring they return home with school sweat shirts continues to be challenging so please make sure they are all named.

Some of the children have been bringing in their musical instruments this week. It is so lovely for them to share their achievements with
the rest of the class. Any information about interests or achievements outside of school can be shared at achievement assemblies in front of the
whole school or just in class. Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will shine, for a bit anyway.

6th - 8th September

















Welcome back to Class 2

Welcome back to another busy year at Blackwater Primary School. 

I am so pleased with the way the children have settled in to class routine. Year 2 children have all grown up and matured over the holidays and they all seem to have got loads taller.  Year 1 children have been stars.  They have loads of changes to contend with and I cannot believe how well they have adjusted.  I am very proud of them all and am really looking forward to working with all of your children this year. 

There are a few little concerns that have come up over the course of the week.

Toileting is one of them!  In Class 2 we only have one toilet for the girls and one urinal and one toilet for the boys. We have 32 children.  We have a system whereby children ask to go to the toilet, they take a toilet pass and return it after going to the toilet.  As a result not everyone can go to the toilet at once.  All children go to the toilet before break and before  lunch time.  At any other time they use the toilet pass.  It works well and children soon get  used to the fact that once they ask, if the toilet pass isn't there they have to wait a few minutes.  If someone is obviously desperate they just go!  

Its important that children are drinking water regularly throughout the day.  We do have a water cooler in class but it would cause serious congestion if all children needed to use it.  Please send in a labelled water bottle so children can have a drink without causing major classroom disruption!   

I hope all of you have received the welcome letter and information about what we are planning this term.  If anyone has any queries then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I'd much rather hear sooner than later.  As I said in the letter, we are all around in the classroom in the mornings for a quick catch up. 

I hope your children are not too tired after their first week back and that you have a relaxing weekend. 

New Term September 6th - December 20th

10th - 15th July






Class 2 have been learning about chocolate this week - Ms Shuttleworth's specialist subject.  They have been finding out how it is made, planning and carrying out taste investigations, doing data handling with smarties and designing and making packaging.  A fair bit of chocolate tasting has been going on!  The weather has been mixed but they have been outside at every opportunity for movement breaks, game playing and an afternoon of tennis on the field with Mrs Mannion. 



26th - 30th June

A few more photos taken in Class 2. these are not only part of our outdoor activities but also one of our senses. Smell

19th  - 23rd July

















What a glorious week we have had!  The weather has been amazing if a little hot under the collar.  The children have been hard at work despite the heat and the smell emanating from the nearby fields!  30 days wild has continued this week with Year 2 designing and making fans, counting on and drawing chalk number lines.  We have enjoyed regular movement breaks on the apparatus and are generally loving the sunshine.  Please check out the 30 days wild section of our web site or look at the board outside Class 2 to see photographs of what we have been up to.

We have been working on our displays this week to update them to reflect the work going on in Class 2 this term.  Please pop in to have a look.  Mrs Mannion has excelled herself yet again by making a life size 'Hobyah".  It is a wonderful addition to the classroom.

In English we have been looking at non chronological reports. We have read about the physical features, habitat and diet of the Hobyah, deciding on the important information to write as notes.  The children have created their own imaginary 'monsters' and have been drawing and note taking to plan their own non chronological report.  We will get writing next week.

In maths we have been working on division.  We have been using repeated subtraction and number lines to help us calculate.  Year 2 have been doing lots of reasoning problems and work on remainders.  We have been working on our fluency and the recall of tables facts and counting on and back in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. We have been dancing along to counting songs to help our learning.

The weather has cooled bit now but I am hoping summer hasn't disappeared completely.  Have a lovely weekend.

 The display boards in class 2 are looking fantastic. our new arrival is The Hobyah.

30-days-wild page









What a busy week!  Class 2 have been loving the Hobyah story.  They have learned it off by heart and can perform it with gusto.

We filmed the whole thing this week and will be watching it today.  The children have changed characters, setting and some of the events to write their own versions which are brilliant.  Some of our more reluctant writers have been really inspired by this story.  Well done everyone.

In maths we have been continuing our work on subtraction with missing number problems and lots of reasoning.  We then progressed to applying their understanding of subtraction and addition to solve one and two step problems.  I have loved the way some of our children have been using concrete materials to help them solve things.  They are all adept at drawing their calculations to explain how they are working things out which I love as it really shows their depth of understanding. Over the last two days we have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes and doing our maths work outside as part of 30 days wild.  What is not to like about doing maths outside in the sunshine!

Our senses work has continued this week.  The children have been making model ears, learning about the structure of the ear and sound waves and doing some sound art.  I have some cheap sun hats in school which we have used this week as it has been pretty bright outside.  Would you mind sending the children in with a sun hat next week please as the outside learning will continue for the rest of the term.  

Have a great weekend in that lovely Cornish sunshine.

26th May 











We've had a busy and productive last week of term.  The Year 2 SATS have all been completed.  We sat the maths arithmetic and reasoning paper this week.  The children did a brilliant job of calculating, reasoning and using all the strategies we have been using in class to solve problems. 

We had two headteachers visiting on Tuesday to observe a maths lesson. They commented on the children's motivation, engagement and independence in maths.  They  were especially impressed with the children's ability to explain how they worked things out.

Layla's explanation of how we use the bar model to work out fractions particularly impressed one of them.  So well done Layla!

I am very proud of all of them.

We are planning a picnic tomorrow afternoon with games to celebrate the end of term.  Year 2 children have requested a  balance of healthy and unhealthy snacks.

I hope you all have a lovely half term in the sunshine and look forward to welcoming the children back in June.


New Art Work in Class 2's Cloakroom 

Class 2 children have been working hard to recreate the story - We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. Their story is called - We're Going on a Monster Plant Hunt - to fit in with the class topic this half term. Please visit the cloakroom if you have time.


19th May 









What a week!  Rainy days and SATS reading tests!  Your children in Year 2 have done you proud. We sat our reading SATS this week and the children engaged really well.  I admired their grit and resilience.  The tests are challenging in that there is limited time to complete tasks and the second paper involves reading a lot of continuous text and answering questions.  They are expected to read between the lines and make inferences.  It is not a straight forward exercise.  I am so proud of them all.  Next week we sit the maths papers.  There is one arithmetic and one reasoning paper.  I expect them all to do well.  They have a great 'can do attitude' to maths which is our aim across the school.

We are keeping the SATS experience 'low key' but are planning a 'tea party' celebration next Friday.  If you would like to contribute some cakes and biscuits it would be appreciated.


Have a lovely weekend.


31st March





































We've had a really enjoyable week in Class 2. The children are excited about their holidays and we have had some really interesting discussions about the Easter story, Scottish stories about 'selkies' and how starlings use flocking to evade predators. (Thank you Flora!)

We've taken a break from French to learning animal names in Scots.

cuddie - horse tod - fox hurcheon - hedgehog
selkie - seal puggie - monkey speug - sparrow
stankie - starling.

We are planning an Easter bonnet fashion show tomorrow so watch this space for the photographs.

The children have been loving maths challenges this week. Our challenge today was

11 is the answer. What could the question be?

Here are some of our questions:
1/4 of 44 Tyler
50 - 39 Aiden
19 + 2 -10 Harley
4 + 2 + 5 Thea
18 + 2 -9 Louis S
100 - 89 Layla
711 - 700 Eloise
1/2 of 22 Ptolomy

We've written acrostic poems and have been summarising the Easter story in English.

I have not set any homework over the Easter holidays but can I encourage all children to read over the holidays. Many do not seem to be reading at home or certainly not recording reading in the reading diaries. We have SATS for the Year 2 children in the summer term and it is essential they build up reading 'stamina' so please encourage your children to read for sustained periods of time.

I started reading rewards last term for Year 2 and would like to extend to Year 1. If children read for 10 minutes and it is signed by an adult in their reading diary they earn '1 read'. If they accrue 4 reads in one school week they earn a golden sticker. If they earn 4 golden stickers they get a reward from the box. Reading diaries will be collected in on a Friday.

I hope you all enjoy the break and that the sun shines on Cornwall.
As the summer term approaches we are working towards transition to Year 2 and Year 3 for our children.
Building independence is an important part of the work we do with children in Class 2. We are therefore
changing school routine to enable children to build more independence. In the mornings children should
now line up in the playground, at Class 2 door rather than coming in through the main door. Children will
then come into school and organise their own coats, lunch boxes, school bags, reading folders and homework.

If you have any issues or concerns you wish to raise with Class 2 staff then we will be available then or of course at the end
of the day.

w/e 24th March 


























This week we have been busy writing poetry for a school wide competition. The winners will be able to make a recording of their poems.  How exciting! We wrote a poem called 'Fire! Fire!'.  The children made use of onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors.  Here are some of my favourite  lines and phrases.

'waving swords of fire'  - Aaron Bell, Year 1

'flames as orange as Nemo' - Mrs Mannion

'windows are monster mouths crying out fire' Eloise Nankervis

' huge buildings crashing, cracking, crumbling like cheesecake' Molly

'eye watering smoke choking the suffocating stars and disturbed  moon'

I don't envy the judges of the competition.

We have been working on the story of Grace Darling and the rocks and shipwreck are now on the wall of the classroom.  We will be adding some of their writing and portraits of Grace Darling over the next few days so come in and have a look. Thank you Mrs Mannion for your hard work erecting the display - despite a sore arm.

In maths we have been continuing our work on fractions.  Mrs Eva the Year 1/2 teacher from Mithian Primary visited us on Tuesday and was impressed by the children's ability to reason things out and explain their answers.  There is always a real buzz in the class during maths lessons, which I love. Well done.  Maths stars one and all!  

Our trips last week were a great success. The children and parent volunteers thoroughly enjoyed their morning at Tolvadden Fire Station. Red Watch were brilliant hosts and so good with the children.  We learned loads about the fire engine, equipment, water quantities and of course how to use the fire hoses.  It was an added bonus to be able to watch some trainees being put through their paces. 

At Richard Lander we kept warm in the freezing wind by participating in a wide range of sports activities.  The children did brilliantly well and despite a few scrapes had a fantastic time. The Richard Lander students did a great job of organising activities, making them fun for all!

I cannot believe Easter is approaching so quickly.  I hope all mums have a lovely day on Sunday and that we begin to see some more lovely Cornish spring weather over the weekend.

I apologise for not updating our blog in several weeks.  Having a flu virus quickly followed by tonsillitis has not helped!

Many of the children have not been well themselves so there have been tears and runny noses all round over the past two weeks.  I think we are all on the mend now.

Our emergency services topic is well underway now.  We had a great afternoon last week with the fire service sniffer dogs.  We learned all about the dog's sense of smell and how they are trained to find the source of the fire.  Both dogs were put through their paces in the playground.  

The RNLI visited afterwards and explained the role their role in rescue around our coastline.  The children demonstrated a good knowledge of the flag system on the beaches and are well aware of the dangers of rip currents.  I was impressed.

In English we have finished writing our instructions based on George's Marvellous Medicine.  Year 2 children innovated on the original text and decided to create a poisonous potion for Mr Wilson.  Their idea!  Nothing to do with me!  We had Mr Wilson turning into a blueberry and shrinking to the size of a pea.  The children had great fun with it and the children's enthusiasm for writing is ensuring they are fully engaged and making good progress.  We wrote stories based on Grace Darling this week.

Year 1s got very carried away with their ideas for describing the ship wreck and the stormy night.  Mrs Mannion told me she thought Pippa was going to lay an egg at one point she was jumping up and down so much. Fantastic work Class 2.  I am very proud of your efforts.

We have continued work on fractions this week and the children are becoming adept at using part whole and bar model to  find simple fractions of numbers.  We are becoming more fluent at recalling doubles and halves and are applying our learning to solve problems.  We've finally had some new apps loaded on to the iPads.  If you have 'screens' at home Mathsdoodle is an excellent app to support your child's learning in maths.  Activities are adapted according to your child's ability and the children collect stars as they progress through the different games and levels.  'Hit the button' is another useful app for the quick recall of number facts.

I'm very much looking forward to our Torvadden and Richard Lander trips tomorrow.  Many thanks to parents who have  volunteered to come along and help out.  

Have a great weekend.

24th February














The first week of the term has flown.  The children have settled well.  We have started a new topic this term on the emergency services.  Mrs Knight has kindly arranged a visit to the fire station and for the 'fire dogs' to come and visit us in class.  The RNLI are also visiting to talk about their role in keeping us safe around the coast.  I will let you know dates for the trip once they have been confirmed.  

In English we have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine.  We've done lots of grammar this week looking at adjectives and adverbs.  The children have been identifying them in texts and using them to improve their sentence writing.  Our favourite adverb so far is 'demonically' !  We hope to apply what we have learned this week in our stories about George making his magic medicine.

In Maths we have been working on money.  The children have been recognising coins,  explaining their value and using different combinations of coins to make amounts.  We have also been tackling reasoning problems some of which I have attached below.  Many children need lots of practise making amounts using different coins so raiding the piggy bank at home and using the contents to make amounts of money in different ways would really support your child's learning. is a useful link for tablet friendly activities to support understanding of money.

 I hope storm Doris calms soon and you all have a lovely weekend.
About Toy Shop Money. Toy Shop Money is a game for helping children understand UK money. There are two game modes; the first where children use coins to make up ...


Money Reasoning Examples

1,Ellie thinks when you add 1p to an amount of money the answer is always even. Is she correct ? Draw to explain




When you add 2 silver coins the answer is more than when you add 2 copper coins. Explain…..

10th February












I cannot believe it is the end of term already.  The weeks have flown by.  I am really proud of Class 2 this week.  They have tried their best in English and Maths assessments and have demonstrated real resilience and perseverance.  I am particularly proud of their growing self belief and confidence in Maths.  We have been working on our reasoning and problem solving skills and they can now all draw as a strategy to find solutions.  They have been drawing part part whole diagrams, arrays, number lines, bar models to explain their understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  There have been several light bulb moments this week and their 'can do' attitude is a credit to them. I love the way they are all embracing number, so much so there isn't enough room on the working wall to display their work. Your effort and enthusiasm mean you can all become brilliant mathematicians! 

The ice house has been demolished this week and our work on the Arctic is coming to an end. Thanks to everyone who brought in plastic milk cartons.  Unfortunately we didn't end up with enough to embarks on the construction of an igloo.   Next term we will be finding out about the emergency services.  If anyone has any contacts who would like to come into school to about their work then please let me know.


I hope you all enjoy the holiday and look forward to seeing everyone again after half term.

23rd -27th January














I can't believe we are at the end of another week. The term is flying by.

Can I just say a huge thank you for the wonderful Arctic scenes you all made at home. They are fantastic and all unique. They are on show in the school entrance.

This week the children's writing has really impressed me. We wrote non chronological reports on polar bears. They used headings, sub-headings and information they found themselves in a non fiction text. Excellent effort!

In maths we began multiplication and the children have been making and drawing arrays to build their understanding of what multiplication actually means. I love the fact they are keen to learn and to be challenged in maths. Our approach to teaching maths ensures that each week children are developing their fluency and recall of number facts , reasoning and problem solving skills. We are planning a new display board in class to show what the children have been learning each week in each of these areas. In the meantime please take a look examples of the children's work on the learning wall.

We have been using the lap tops this week to write labels and captions for our cloakroom Arctic display. Children now know how to change font size, type and colour.

I have most slots booked for 'meet the teacher' next week but just a reminder that appointments are available.

Have a great weekend

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. The holiday has flown by but it was lovely to see all of the children back in class this morning.

Our topic this term is ‘posting and places’. We will be learning about different parts of the world with a focus on the Arctic. I am attaching a mind map showing the learning across the curriculum.

In English we are working on non-fiction reading and writing. We will be writing non chronological reports on our favourite Arctic animals. I have a contact who lives in the Arctic Circle so we will be writing letters to him and finding out about life there. In reading, the children will continue to develop their reading skills in daily Read Write Inc. sessions. In class we will be building on their comprehension skills by answering and asking questions about a text.

In Maths we will continue to work on addition and subtraction with a focus on reasoning and problem solving. This work will progress into multiplication and division, again with a focus on reasoning and problem solving. Children’s topic work will link to measurement and data handling in maths.

Work is already underway on creating an Arctic corner in the classroom. Mrs Mannion, Mrs Russell and the children are putting their creative skills to good use! We have asked the children to bring in well washed 2 litre milk cartons for a construction challenge. It would be ideal if all labels could also be removed. I’ll be posting progress with construction on the weekly update on the school web site.

In ICT the children will be publishing their work and creating movies using the ipads. I hope to have a sharing the learning afternoon towards the end of the term but will finalise dates in the next week or so.

Homework will commence next week. It will be given out on a Friday and is to be returned to school on the following Wednesday. Please make sure your child comes with their reading folder every day.

I’m looking forward to another busy term and wish you all the very best for 2017.


Fiona Shuttleworth